Research @ UofSC

[1.28.21 - Present]

Used Tensorflow to create, modify, and quantize machine learning models for conversion and deployment onto microcontrollers to experimentally pinpoint the distribution that yields maximum accuracy and throughput.

Intern @ CU-ICAR

[6.01.2021 - 8.20.2021]

Studied and recreated key discoveries and concepts behind computer vision (from MNIST to YOLOv3) and its current applications in the automotive industry: self-driving, lane-keep assist, and cabin monitoring to further automotive research.



Informate scrapes news articles from the home pages of several popular news outlets and displays them in real time by pinging a self-made API.

Password Manager


Locally hashes, stores, and retrieves passwords, usernames, and URLs at a push of a button. This also helped reinforce the basics of python. View my beginner-esque code here.



The game of hangman developed in python. This gave me an understanding of the logical processes and steps needed to code well.



Automated the sending of emails and texts as well as the filling out of Google Forms through Flask and Heroku. Delivered weekly volunteer opportunities and frequent advertisements for clubs/organizations.