Hi, I'm Rohan 👋

I'm currently a freshman at the University of Michigan studying computer engineering.

When I'm not doing school related things, I'm either building things (hardware & software) or trying to give back to the community. Ideally, I'm doing both at the same time.

As part of Atlas, I’m getting my feet wet working on several pro-bono technical projects for companies in and around the Ann Arbor area to improve their day-to-day operations. And as part of Shift I help organize community events to encourage interdisciplinary intersection of the arts and technology, nurturing beautiful relationships and deep passions along the way.

And when I’m trying to keep it low-key, you'll find me buried in yet another book, listening to music, or *trying* to learn how to sketch.

Feel free to check out some of my past work & definitely reach out if you want to talk more!