Hi, I'm Rohan 👋

I'm currently a senior at Riverside High School in Greenville, South Carolina.

When I'm not doing school related things, I'm either building things (hardware & software) or trying to give back to the community. Ideally, I'm doing both at the same time.

As part of National Honor Society & Students for Change, I help out on a bunch of community improvement projects like volunteering at Annie's House, an inexpensive and sustainable model for breaking out of poverty, or planting trees through TreesGreenville. Pre-pandemic, I volunteered at my local science center where I help set-up science projects and promote interest in STEM through displaying cutting-edge technology to elementary and middle schoolers.

Through my work as a research assistant at the University of South Carolina, I discovered my interest in machine learning and its endless applications in computer vision and natural language processing.

With the Programming Club that I co-lead, I teach other students at Riverside the joy of programming & independent learning. We emphasize learning how to code through individual projects and coding challenges, with a little help along the way.

And last but not least, I also run Scolare, a non-profit that tutors students from k-12 in my area free of charge, utilizing high school volunteers as our tutors.

Feel free to check out some of my past work & definitely reach out if you want to talk more!